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Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii sales in France (Ioi, check this)

llewdebkram said:
Yea, especially since I already posted it on this site 12 hours ago :0P

...and got locked ;)

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A translation:

Btw, I haven't seen it mentioned here before, but when Nintendo of Europe announced its summer lineup they also said European sales of the Wii are approximately 2M at that moment. Ioi seems to be spot on with his European Wii numbers, since they were about 2M on June 10th!

The 2M makes 700k in France alone very unlikely in my opinion. 

Jesus christos. Can we please stop with the 'VGcharts change your numbers' crap. These should get an auto-lock or something.

nonoonn i know better way

lets ***** if the words change and numbers are in the same sentence, just like neogaf :P

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I thought this was locked...