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Me want meat now.

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vanguardian1 said: diamuerto, ignore it
vanguardian1 insult Yulegoat. Yulegoat make headbutt in vanguardian1 chest No, but seriously. I think it could be actually very fun to chase people riding a mammoth or highjacking one where there's already a rider. Not to speak of corny fights between rival tribes. GTA ice-age, ya know. Basically that's like todays New York. The sapiens tribes (or gangs) which came from Africa 30,000 years ago were still black for thousands of years in Europe before adapting and then there where the white, hairy and big neandertalianos, the gangster-type fellas. It would be cool if the chinese type of Homo erectus would pop up in the Neander valley too. Maybe they would have restaurants and a side-business like selling toxic mushrooms?

I was replying to

Something about that makes me smile.
Not anything you said Yulegoat. ;) *holds katana against Yulegoat's throat* Now we understand each other? ;)

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.