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Forums - Sales Discussion - August sales discrepancy...!?

Sorry had to do it.... But according to NPD, the X360 sold around 20500 units in USA. So, what`s up with this web site sales X360 figure!? Hey and where are the Saint`s Row sales figures!?

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I think this number is actually items shipped. Where did you get the NDP data from?

Saints Row was not supposed to go on sale till September but some retailers broke the release date meaning it got just over 900 sales.

Wii - 3348 5602 9364 2110

Mario Kart - 0474 1321 9262

Well, I think this data is for USA and Canada sales so there......... and it is SO obvious that Saints Row fare so much more than just 900 sales.........

I think Saints Row will probably do about the same as Dead Raising did this month. I wonder how well Dead Raising will do next month. Maybe 200K more sales? I bet Madden really falls off, maybe 50K sales next month?