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Forums - Sales Discussion - no US weekly for june 17th?

sorry to create a new thread just for this, but i thought the numbers ioi gathered were posted on tuesdays? or am i just too eager and have no patience whatsoever?

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I thought so too, but I imagine he has a life... and it's not even a full day late yet...

Yeah can't wait to see those innacurate numbers get posted. Suppose we'll see the hardware numbers edited for last months weeks.

lol christopher, get lost troll

and take that back, that's not true.

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@christopher_G2: if you can, good for you and say hi to NPD for me on the way out.

for those of us who trust ioi, i was just being impatient. but as jlauro said, it's a bit early to be begging... ,-)

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Btw, im actually thinking somethings up with ioi..

Neos - "If I'm posting in this thread it's just for the lulz."
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Christopher, you dumb dumb.....this is the best website around for free sales numbers, hands down.

Yeah, ive been waiting patiently myself

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Not sure why you've posted here nearly 250 times if you're just gonna call us inaccurate.

I'm just gonna lock this topic. Nothing personal, benoit, but it shouldn't be a big deal. I imagine we just need to wait, that's all.

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