Forums - General Discussion - Anyone besides me think the Orion spacecraft is a step backwards?

The Orion is the Space Shutte successor for those who don't know.  Here's a pic:

I just think its a step backwards.  They ditched the Space Plane and now we have to go to space in a capsule on top of a candlestick.  Thoughts?


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I'd go to space in a slingshot if they'd let me =).

I do. they are doing this purely for cost reasons and have basically abandoned the option of longer term space missions. This type of system will only allow us to go to the space station and back, maybe the moon.

I think they should focus on more costly plans with more an actual space ship. Obvious focus would be on better fuel and propulsion systems.

i assume this can do what they want no.

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bu-bu-but, what happened to colonizing mars?

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MrBubbles said:
i assume this can do what they want no.


Actually, it can do what the shuttle can do for less cost, not better.

You cannot land on a runway.
It holds less in its cargo area.

We're back to dropping in like a rock over the ocean with a parachute.

Haven't read up on it... I do agree it looks kinda stupid... but who knows.