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Sorry if this is a repost.

I don't know too much about the specs of PS3 and X360.  All I know is that PS3 is supposed to be much powerful console but have not lived to its full potential yet.

this article gives a simple advise for PS3 - just add more RAM.  Microsoft was convinced to add more why not PS3?

What do you guys think?  Can it be this simple?


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It isn't that simple. Adding more RAM won't necessarily change anything at all. That Article is taking a very simplistic view of things in regards to performance.

Not only that, but unless you planned ahead, adding more ram after the fact isn't likely to be a simple process. I haven't checked my ps3, but I don't remember seing a slot that reads "Add more ram here".

There are many more parts of the equation than just the amount of physical ram available. Though, having more ram would probably make it easier to browse the net. I'm continually surprised at how often the PS3 runs out of memory when I'm surfing =/

Bundle it with a Wii

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Sure, I'd be for this, personally.

But I doubt it would work on a larger level. It would fracture the user base (everyone with an older PS3 would not be able to play newer games with higher specs) which isn't something that the system with the smaller user base is in a position to do. Further, it would break the single, last standing chain that separates Consoles from PCs. Why did consoles rise in the first place? Because they were easier to use and set up, with no hassles like OS updates, HD upgrades, Other Hardware updates, and software installs. Just put the game in, and play.

Now, the PS3 has OS updates, HD upgrades, software installs, and with this change, other hardware updates, too. At which time, I"d have to ask: why aren't we just playing games on the PC again?">">

Putting lipstick on a pig does not make it beautiful, and putting more RAM into the PS3 will not make it more successful. At this point, the PS3 can only hope to get distant second at best, and that will rely on exclusives which are differentiated enough from XBOX 360 offerings to make them stand out. To compete against the Wii, it would have to be abandoned entirely in favor of a new system that goes whole-hog at battling the Wii's greatest strengths, because any effort to shoehorn in Wii features at this late date would have little to no meaningful impact.

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yeah, that is what the millions of gamers are waiting on from last gen.

A PS3 with more ram.

Forget a bigger library of games, especially many more great exclusives.
Who cares about a $250 or less price point.
Don't even mention a possibility of a slimmer design that better fits with the rest of people entertainment systems.

All they care about is the internal ram capacity. After all, nearly every single potential gamer out their has the specs of each machine memorized and clearly chooses the Wii for its superior ram specifications.