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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - OMG 1 Million 360s "it´s a celebration b****es"

1000000 Big Ones,  time to celebrate Microsoft and the first big milestone, first to reach the big Mil is a really good start, the biggest userbase has allready paied of with its big library, with a possible price drop and many big guns such as Halo, Blue Dragon and GTA IV (I know not an exclusive but a biggie) it should be on its way to doubble its userbase much faster than it took to get here. So lets leave our differences behind an celebrate.





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Sorry Dude, but the man's gotta take this topic down. Already one about your title's incorrect too.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )