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Forums - Sales Discussion - Dec. Predict Results & Jan Predict thread!

Hey everyone Yes, I'm going to go through and delete all the wrong entries, so if you can re-enter them correctly. Maybe the note isn't clear enough but don't enter numbers with commas or spaces or anything else, just pure numbers in whole units. So 25k would be 25000, 25,148 would be 25148 etc. Mrstickball, when things are up and running a bit more we can add you as an admin and you basically 'create' a new contest each month for people to enter - set the top 10 games to predict, an end date and so on. On the topic of this, does anyone else fancy becoming a forum / site admin? We will be looking for a number of people in the next few months to help out with various aspects of the site Thanks!

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Why don't you just use some str_replace() functions to get rid of some common punctuation that people may submit? $var=str_replace(",","",$var); And yes, I would love to be an admin here. I was bored and coded my own thing similar to this. It's not as accurate though. :P

Wii_gamer said: You've done a stonking job with this list, thank you very much, but we have finally finished our proper predictions league - you can find it at: We are going to use pretty much exactly the same calculation system as you have used there, so good work!! mrstickball, how do you fancy helping us run and set up the predictions league every week (Japan) / Month (NA) ?
The operator of this site did a really piss poor job of advertising this. 1) The predictions league links never ever worked every time I tried to use it so I gave up, now I see it's finally up?? What the crap. 2) Where are the listings for the software titles selected for the month? 3) Where are the entry forms listed? 4) The league should be seperated between Japanese predictions and American predictions, 2 entirely different markets. Frankly, we're not likely to know the Japanese market very well.

my problem is that I'm blind!! I kept leaving out zero's... so instead of 1,000,000, I typed 100,000.... like 3 times. Next time I'll double check my numbers before I push enter, but would it be possible to have an edit option before the date is up?? And I agree with Strom... it be nice if NA and Japan scores where kept seperate.

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Can I be allowed to enter my data into the prediction league since the NPD is not reporting till Tuesday now? Anybody?