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Forums - Website Topics - Site deleting game collections

I logged in today and found my game collection has shrunk.


I had 25 Gamecube games in my profile/my games now it says 21 and when I go to search to add them back on they are missing from the site..I know I can go add games myself but what is preventing the site from deleting them again? 

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What games were they? Perhaps they are in the collection under a different name?

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No I looked def not there,they were in my collection just yesterday..log in today and they are missing from my collection and the website.

Paper Mario thousand year old door

Mario Kart Double Dash

Star Fox Adventures

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (w/ Master Quest)


EDIT: so when I try to add Paper mario for gamecube to the site it says it's there but when I look it clearly isn't. 


so far i'm only missing one game zelda collectors edition

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The game may have been named wrong (missing a capital letter) or any of the information in it may have been wrong so it may have just been deleted.

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I think someone is deleting the box arts of those games or something;

Some of mine went poof too. I haven't gone through my actual collection yet, but here are the GC games that I noticed were missing...

Paper Mario: TTYD
Star Fox Adventures
Fire Emblem(still in the DB, re-added it)
Mario Kart(still in the DB, re-added it)

I was told Chibi Robo on GC and Mega Man 3 on the NES went missing from another user's collection as well...

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konnichiwa said:
I think someone is deleting the box arts of those games or something;

 Unless something has changed recently, they should still appear when you search the DB for them. I didn't find PM or Star Fox Adventures when I searched. I'm going to search the GC list and go through it alphabetically and see if I find them.

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I just checked my game collection and six games are deleted from it. Can't tell witch one though I can see it at the amount of games;

Thats weird. I haven't lost any games since I still haven't bothered to add any of my old games.

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