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Forums - Gaming Discussion - #boycott Microsoft (all together)

VGChartz (my favorite site) could be the pioneer, in other forums a call for a boycott is already being discussed.

Statistics are falsified, Nintendo is insulted (removed from all gaming statistics/kept down by Microsoft), US senators are apparently paid with a "donation" for aggressive statements against Sony/Japan. US corporation/monopolist (the complete) Microsoft is trying to attack competition ect

Write here if you want to participate:

#boycott Microsoft

In my opinion, Microsoft should stop their war, high-quality games have not been the focus since xbox series release - only other topics for this big us-company with infinite money.

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Dude you dont know who the site you into lol ?


We're venturing into the QAnon of gaming now?

You said the forbidden word
Xbox to sell 100 million Xbox series consoles

Windows to be included in everything, even the water

I'm almost tempted to keep this open but I won't.

Also, I suppose you're going to ignore my correct on your "facts" so you can spam it, noted.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 28 March 2023