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Forums - Movies & TV - Hideo Kojima wants to enter the Movie and Music business

Will he succeed? Will he have his close friend Guillermo del toro with him? What type of Movies do you expect he'd make? I think he'll do Science fiction like Death Stranding maybe some like a Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 before it went you know that later route? Norman Reedus and maybe Keanu Reeves? Robert Downey JR?

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 13 November 2022

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Maybe Hideo Kojima should not do movies? I think that world is too different? What are you're guys chances for him?

No he always thought of himself as a movie director its why his games has so many cut scenes. He will never make it and he will learn this once he try so i hope he does just to teach him a lesson.

It's a whole lot harder to deal with actors when they are real on set and not rendered or in a controlled VR studio. A lot of them won't put up with how he treated Hayter.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!