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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Playing fighting games the rest of your life when your average (majority players) wasting time

zero129 said:
^^ and to think i have over 2K subs from just uploading a mickey mouse video xD.

I only just started uploading to YT, myself. Do you actually get any ad revenue from videos like that or is it Content ID'd?

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Erm... You shouldn't do streaming/videos to get subscribers, you should do it for fun. Unless you get in the 100k viewers, the numbers really don't matter much.

For what it's worth, you'll get a few cents per 1000 viewers if you try to monetize.

It isn't about you being above or below average player on fighting game that will give you subs, is being a lot above average as entertainer for your target group.

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I think I got about 2.5K subs havent chcked in a while