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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game developer pulls a fast one on NFT-sponsored gaming event

This is hilarious and epic! During the Brazil International Games festival (BIG) a developer was giving a presentation titled "The Future of Game Design" but, when it was his turn to give his presentation, he changed the title to "Why NFT's are a Nightmare" and it was glorious! What made it even funnier was that this event was sponsored by many crypto companies. There's a video below of a gaming YouTuber who covered it and below that is the developers full slide-by-slide presentation.

The Future of Game Design - BIG Festival 2022 - Google Slides

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I saw it on Eurogamer

They make nice games as well, Out of space looks quite fun. No clue how active it is anymore though, needs a 4 player split screen console version :) Ah it has couch co-op on ps4, $10, bought :) We need more devs like these!