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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sega exclusive world premier 10 am Pacific time 6 pm bst time 6/22/2022

Sega america posted this 5 minutes ago took them long

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 22 June 2022

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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Bayonetta 2 Uncensored Edition!

For PS5/Xbox/PC!


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Hyenas the game

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

So another generic MP shooter

Lets see how long this will last.


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Looks like a skip for me


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Around the Network Shame too because CA is an insanely talented studio and with how FANTASTIC Alien: Isolation was, their last non-Total War game, and hearing they were working on a new IP Sci-Fi game, I was thinking it was something along those lines.

This reminds me of when Ninja Theory made Bleeding Edge

I'm not as disappointed as I thought I would be, but no thanks to another me-too multiplayer shooter for Tik Tok junkies.

lol trash

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Visuals remind me of a cross between Borderlands and Overwatch. Anyone else see that? 

Also as someone who prefers to play campaigns (single player and co-op) over PvP I will likely be skipping this. But I do enjoy how it looks visually. 

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Well that was a big let down..