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I play league of legends

Daily 1 33.33%
Weekly 0 0%
Monthly 0 0%
Yearly 0 0%
Once in a blue moon 0 0%
Never but want to try it out 0 0%
Never and never will 2 66.67%

Hey fam, I have been playing league for years but started getting more serious (meaning less serious ironically) about it recently.

I was wondering if this community had league players and if there was potential to build some friendly activities/duos/teams together.

Let me know in the poll and in posts what your level of investment is (casual, invested), what mode you play (aram, summoner's rift), and if you play ranked or blind/draft pick, and what champions/roles you tend to play, and maybe your level and the eternals you're aiming.

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Ironically, I'm far more into the waifus and lore than the actual game of which I have zero hours in while having tons of views of LoL music videos, a bit of KD/A, and a thing for Ahri lmfao

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Played it for years,never again.

That game fucks your mental sanity.