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The Quarry - Official Announce Trailer - YouTube

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I'm a sucker for the camping horror genre, I'll more than likely pick this one up. I haven't played the more recent 3 games form Supermassive but was a huge fan of Until Dawn and Until Dawn Rush of Blood.

Looks like a standard Supermassive game and that good enough for me! Another teen slasher/horror is a bit disappointing; coming from the excellent House of Ashes.

What I will say is that performance looks VERY rough.. which is kinda worrying coming from a first look trailer/promo.

I hope this endeavor doesn't stretch out too much their team. They're also working on The Devil within me (for the horror anthology series).

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Looks great. I'll definitely buy it.

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I'm not into scary games, and there is no way I could play this game, but I really admire the quality of story, voice acting, character animation (facial expressions especially), and retro aesthetics I can tell this game has from the trailer.