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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokémon Legends Arceus has sold 6.5 million copies in its launch week. Lifetime sales expectations?


Pokémon Legends Arceus has sold 6.5 million copies in its launch week. Lifetime sales expectations?

Less than 10 million 30 6.36%
10.0 - 12.4 million 18 3.81%
12.5 - 14.9 million 35 7.42%
15.0 - 17.4 million 58 12.29%
17.5 - 19.9 million 59 12.50%
20.0 - 22.4 million 144 30.51%
22.5 - 24.9 million 41 8.69%
25.0 - 27.4 million 30 6.36%
27.5 - 30.0 million 13 2.75%
More than 30 million 44 9.32%
brute said:
ironmanDX said:

I came here to comment something similar. Baffling decision. They need to slow the releases down. 

Not only the releases, but also the announcement doesnt make sense, timing wise, just 1 month after Arceus release. Will severely cut into its legs.

Wonder what they would’ve shown for Pokemon Day then. So Pokemon Day would’ve been just those updates? If they weren’t ready to announce anything else beyond those..what would’ve been the point for Pokemon Day?

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They revealed BD/SP and PLA in early 2021 just like now with S/V in early 2022. It's a tight schedule they follow. I don't think PLA's legs are getting severely impacted by the announcement specifically. It's Gen 9 releasing this holiday, not giving PLA a single holiday season to itself that it gonna have a negative impact on it's legs.
But it's not like it really matters, since PLA obviously already made massive profit on day 1 and was mainly a stopgap for their open-world games, being not yet fully open unlike S/V.

This is not a case of mismanagement but a case of them prioritizing Gen 9 over PLA.

Really crazy decision to announce it a month after PLA release. Definitely gotta think there will be plenty of people who would have bought PLA this year, and maybe gotten gen 9 as well, who will just wait for the fully open world game later this year now. I mean if I hadn't already gotten PLA, at this point I would probably have just skipped it and waited for gen 9 since it's gonna be open world.

It was a great announcement for Pokemon Day, but woulda made much more business sense to hold the announcement until a few months before the release to give Arceus time to breathe. Or you know just push it back to 2023 considering we just got two full scale pokemon games. They're really trying to Call of Duty Pokemon, and at this point they are even beating CoD lol

It is odd they announced it so close to PLA, but I don't think it'll ultimately matter. I know I will be legally required by the powers that be to get Scarlet even though Arceus was already bought, lol. A lot of people get their fill of a game within ten months and are ready for the next.

I think what is gonna be interesting is the legs for Arceuas moving forward. Historically, mainline Pokemon games usually have shorter legs due to the next game being announced. However, it seems that Let’s Go and Sw/Sh have managed well. Granted, Sw/Sh had a little more than 2 years to breathe before BDSP and had an Expansion Pass. BDSP doesn’t seem too bothered by Arceus’ release as BD is still on the eshop best selling titles chart.

the tough part about Arceus will be keeping players engaged post game, there’s not much to come back to apparently once the Pokédex is completed even with the upcoming update. Will be interested to see if they’ll add more after. Competitors play Sw/Sh for online competition. Arceus isn’t meant for that, especially with its unique battle system.