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Forums - Website Topics - Anyone having trouble becoming a vgc supporter through the website?

Hello, I have been trying to sign on as a supporter for a few days now and my progress hangs every time I try the paypal button to pay and sign up for membership.

Is there another method of signing up that is a bit more reliable?

Or is it something that I should just try again in another five days once we are out of the holiday period?

Anyone else been having issues signing up this past week?

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@Machina @TruckOSaurus 

Thanks for letting us know! Tried testing it out myself just now and I get the same thing. Have let Trucks know and hopefully we can get it fixed asap.

The PayPal account used for the supporter program is under identity review currently. I submitted the necessary documents and they will get back to me within 7 days.

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I tried it again today in case it was fixed early, but it’s still not functioning.
I will check again in a day or two.

I wish I reported the issue a couple of days earlier for you, but I wasn’t sure what was causing it and didn’t realise it would take five business days to fix.

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I got through today. Had given up, but kind of forgot and left it running for another minute and got through.
Thank you for getting it working. I wanted to help out your writing team.