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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Horizon 5 breaks Xbox Game Studios launch day record, 4.5m+ players in less than 24 hours

Deserved! Game of the year for me. I don't want to know how they plan to top Horizon 5 in the next entry. Even more excited for Fable now.">"><img src="

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Bought the Premium edition which gave me early access. Faptastic game! Especially with all of the lewd paint skins you can get for your car.

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Impressive! Very nice.
Always great to see records being broken.

The benefits of branching out

I think it's inevitable that the "number of players" figures will rise with gamepass subscriptions so not too surprising.

Probably 25m+ have access to this game for free.

Gamepass only had 10m subscribers at the start of 2020 so when Forza Horizon 4 came out in 2018 it would no doubt be less than 5m.

So yeah it absolutely should destroy FH4 player numbers.

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trunkswd said:

I don't normally play racing games, but I've put a few hours into it tonight and am loving it so far even if I am terrible at doing races.

Im racing with someone who uses a wheel, playing coop saves him on drift/dirt races

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