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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Asphalt 9 the worst recent racer?


Asphalt 9 is

Dog poop 1 20.00%
Giant dog poop 0 0%
Mangy dog poop 3 60.00%
A wonderful cake (j/k) 1 20.00%
Leynos said:

If you just watched a 1 minute clip of the game before downloading it's easy to tell it's an arcade racer.

Yes, but those clips usually show the best stunts and try to make the game look as good as possible, but they don't tell you about the lack of user control on the car.
I tried a previous Asphalt game and I didn't like it, but I didn't remember a lack of user control so deep, and on top on this Google store fooled me suggesting it when I was looking for a sim, and so making me believe, maybe hope, that devs decided to make the current version more sim and less arcade than previous ones.

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I haven't heard the name asphalt 9 in a long time, Used to download it on Switch wanted to play online immediately but cannot. Was forced to play single player to unlock it I said screw that and never touched it again , It was a fun arcade racer I think? not sure? This reminds me of 2 arcade racing games that will never get ported? one of them is a maybe? Midnight club 3 dub edition remix might se a backwards compatible release on Xbox but I'm not sure if it's possible ? the other is Scud race Super GT Plus arcade by Sega which will never get ported.

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