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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spanish SW & HW Sales 19/07/2021 - 25/07/2021

Signalstar said:

Sony is definitely having problems with PS4 stock. They are out of PS4 stock on their own online store.

Sony even sells factory re-certified PS4 through the site. I've never seen a console manufacturer do that.

This site is for the US but the situation seems to be the same worldwide.

Don't know if they still doing it but Nintendo used to do that. I know somebody that bought a refurbished 3DS a couple years ago.

EDIT: just checked a refurbished switch lite is 169.99 and a refurbished switch is 259.99 so they are still doing it.

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JEMC said:

Thanks for the numbers, polofresco.

Looks like Spain got another good shipment of PS5s, but at this rate this strategy won't be enough to beat the constant supply of Switch(es). By the way, anyone else finds it curious that the Xbox Series have sold the same 700 units in the last three weeks? (I know the numbers are rounded, but it's still unusual.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of PS5 games in the top ten yet. After all, the install base is still small and they've had a game or two other weeks. That said, if Fifa 22 doesn't chart, now that would be something to be worried about.

Yeah, in Spain the software output it´s miles ahead of Japan, for Ps5. 

If anyone is wondering I've adjusted our sales for Spain for the latest week to match the latest figures. Not that we were far off.

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