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Forums - Sony Discussion - Me-WOW, Stray looks great!

Not kitten! Here's the new game play video that dropped a couple days ago:

Paws-itively best-looking kitty cat game I's yet seen! Also very interesting premise! Loving the atmosphere too. I mean the ambience here with the music and everything is strong. Is it just me or did anyone else get DKC 2 vibes from the music at certain points?

Well anyway, Stray has been my most anticipated PlayStation 5 game since it was revealed a year ago and we now have a release window for it of "early 2022", which ain't that far away. It's got purr-sonality, ya know? I very much intend to share this experience with my own favorite feline, Olivia. I wonder how she'll react. Should be a-mew-sing. (I'm hiss-terical, no?) I've also come to trust Annapurna over the years. They've supported lots of the most soulful games that have been released in modern times, ranging from Gone Home to What Remains of Edith Finch to Donut County to Kentucky Route Zero and Florence to Outer Wilds, Journey, and Flower. Not everything they've supported is a masterpiece, but no one's purr-fect.

Just sayin' I'm feline good about it.

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That looks unbelievably frustrating

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem

Reminds me of Tokyo Jungle, and thats a good thing. Wasn't that interested in it before but this is on my watch list.

Looks neat, I like playing as a more legitimate animal, there arent many games that do that. (there are plenty of games with cartoon/anthropomorphised animals) Last one I can think of is Deadly Creatures.

Weirdly, not what I was expecting. Looks cool though, super interested.

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Cat game is a given to be 10/10.

If you get spayed is it game over?


Game of the fucking generation

I'll play this on PC

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

While I'd adore a game where you play as a feline, and this game does look very puretty (although the framerate looks to be very unstable), this game seems to have horribly boring gameplay. I hate games that tell you which button to press, reminds me of Heavy Rain which is probably my most hated game ever.

Would love a black cat skin, or a black and white tuxedo skin.