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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor - Next Sonic game is called "Sonic Rangers"(accidently confirmed by SEGA): Open world, RPG progression, compared to Breath of the Wild

While almost no details for Sonic Rangers have been revealed as of yet, Sega unintentionally revealing the game's title has all but confirmed a slew of leaks that date back to as early as August 2020, detailing an open-world, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild inspired take on the Sonic the Hedgehog series. With that in mind, here is a breakdown of all of the leaked information regarding Sonic Rangers that has circulated online so far.

The very first Sonic Rangers leak comes from an anonymous 4Chan user who reportedly play-tested the game. In their post made on August 7, 2020, the user claimed that they had played a demo set in a "gloomy" open-world that was inspired by Breath of the Wild, with puzzles similar to the Korok Puzzles required to unlock Korok seeds in that game. The leak also describes robot bosses which, when defeated, grant Sonic one of the Chaos Emeralds, which allow him to transform into Super Sonic when all seven are collected. This leak did not shed light on any story details and claims that no returning characters other than Sonic were present.

This next leak once again comes from 4Chan, this time from January 7, 2021, exactly five months after the first leak regarding Sonic Rangers. This post also refers to the post under this title, and claims that the user had played two 20 minute long demos of the game focused on the game's open-world and bosses. While this post mostly repeats what the previous post revealed about the game, but with more context. This post also reveals that Sonic Rangers will utilize an RPG-like leveling system, with a skill-tree that can unlock abilities such as the "Spin-Cycle," a move that triggers Sonic to circle a group of enemies before defeating them. This appears to be the circular trace that he performs in the Sonic 2022 teaser trailer revealed during the Sonic Central live stream.

This leak also revealed that certain portals will allow Sonic to travel to "Cyber-Space," which also seems to be referenced in the 30 second teaser trailer by flashes of purple pixelation appearing around Sonic as he runs through the forest. These levels apparently recreate the gameplay styles of Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, likely referring to the "Boost gameplay" style that returned in Sonic Forces. This leak also reveals that Roger Craig Smith provided voice acting for the game, which is strange considering the voice actor announced his departure from the role later that month before then announcing his return not too long after.

The final leak (so far) comes just minutes after the airing of the Sonic Central live stream and before Sega itself leaked the Sonic Rangers name for the game. This is, of course, yet another anonymous 4Chan post. This post comes with a tinge of cynicism, claiming that the game featured "Ubisoft towers with annoying ass Korok rip-offs," corroborating the previous leaks that claimed that the game would feature puzzles similar to Breath of the Wild's Korok puzzles. This leak references a "ghost girl" character, which the previous leak also briefly mentioned, as well as portals that lead to "Unleashed-style levels." It also referenced the leveling system that the previous leak mentioned.

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This is Sonic Utopia, a fan game that explores Sonic in a open world. If its kinda like this I'm interested.

I know the hardcore Sonic fans will probably hate hearing this news, but as someone who can't stand old school Sonic and only ever loved Sonic Adventures, I say this sounds promising! I understand a lot love the side scrolling, super fast games, but they stress me out. I prefer the chill of Adventures 2 so if this new game is more like that then I am happy, especially if it tries to be like Botw.