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I've stumbled on some of this band's work of late and can't resist dedicating a thread to 'em because, on top of their great taste in band-naming, they're also just plain awesome. Stylistically, they do an assortment of grunge, riot grrrl, and indie pop. It's like the early '90s never ended!

First, you must know why they started their band. Here is them eight years ago providing that information:

(I love that explainer vid. They parody very well. )

Now you are prepared for their songs. Here are some of my early favorites (I'm still just at the beginning of my ongoing discovery of them):

Let me add that Kelli and Peyton apparently formed the band 12 years ago when Kelli was just 9 years old and Peyton was 14. To that end, you've gotta check out their first live show from back in 2010. I think it's actually my favorite thing of their's to watch that I've seen so far. They were actually outstanding even back then! It's fucking hilarious and awesome to see hear a 10-year-old belt out all these legitimately punk-ass lines and play three instruments (yes!). The camera's just a regular person recording in that one, so it's shaky and the guitar's out of tune (in a way that feels very grungy) and there's one point at which a lady gets up on the stage to fix Peyton's microphone WHILE she's singing. It's ridiculously charming and endearing. When Kelli was like "We have cards in the back if..they're only 50 cents if you want one", I laughed a lot. There's a humanity and genuineness to it I just love.

Part One:

Part Two:

You have now been introduced!

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