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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Problems with Among US

I just downloaded the update for Among Us, and I wanted to see if anyone else had encountered the same issue as I have.

I have the game on Pc via Xbox Gamepass. On boot up, the game load the Among Us page on the Steam app (regardless of whether the app was open or not) then shuts the game down. I didn’t see anything about Among Us being taken off of Gamepass, and the Xbox app doesn’t suggest that is the case.

Given the last update that added quick chat introduced a load of bugs, this has me wonder if this is another buggy update that has maybe affected the games copy protection. Has anyone else encountered the same issue?

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It has always been a buggy game that has random connection issues with incorrects reasons given why. Just keep trying, thats what I do. Eventually I am able to get in, though I play on mobile so not sure if the same issues exist on PC.

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Can't offer much help, but I downloaded among us to check this out, and I can confirm that the same thing happens (or at least something similar). Steam loads up, I get an error message, then the game shuts down.

I’ve checked the game’s twitter page and I can see some people having the same people. The dev seems to say some similar issues are due to server overload, although I’m not sure if this is on. It doesn’t seem to be the only problem. Others seems to have issues with the new account system that the game has implemented.

If the accounts solve the problems that turned the matchmaking lobby into something that resembled a sex chat lobby, then I can’t complain but it does feel like they pushed this out in an unworkable state.