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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Recommended me Xbox Series X/S games

Ninten78 said:
ice said:

As Noble said, Gamepass! It has tons of MS exlcusives you've missed on xbox one (and possibly 360). For games not on GP, Yakuza Like a dragon is a cool JPRG if you like those games. Speakin of JRPGs Gamepass has a slew you missed out on if you only had Nintendo consoles. Might help to hear what kind of genres you like to further assist.

I have a wide range of tastes

Platformers, action and adventure, strategy, RPGs

Also question about gamepass do the game download onto the console and how long do I have to play them?

I recommend

* Rare Replay
* Final Fantasy XV
* Killer Instinct
* Halo Master Chief Collection + Halo 5
* Gears of War 1-V
* Ninja Gaiden Black
* Ninja Gaiden 2
* Kingdom Hearts Series
* Resident Evil 7 (and any other that is not on the switch)
* Forza Motorsport and or Forza Horizon (probably the king of racers over the past 5 years)

All of the games above I recommend and they are not on the switch. Have fun!


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Basically just get gamepass and have fun. Everything from MS is there on top of all the 3rd party stuff, so no need to choose.

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Soonerman said:

Game Pass like everyone said but if you plan on only purchasing games and have only had Nintendo consoles you can't go wrong with Nier Automata Highly recommended.

I got Nier Auto I love this game,it reminds me of Bayonetta! Same devs too lol

Thank-you for the recommendation!