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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you memorized real locations thanks to video games?

Have you memorized real-life locations you've never been to thanks to video games?

I know Kabukicho (Kamurocho in Yakuza) very well. I have a good idea of Shibuya thanks to various RPGs like Persona or Tokyo Mirage Sessions,The World Ends With you, and various others. Even some fighting games like Last Bronx on Saturn. Nakano Broadway thanks to Cybersleuth games. Dobuita Shenmue tho the real one isn't like the one in Shenmue. Kowloon the walled City is another thanks to Shenmue.

SO any real-life places you memorized or came to know very well in research post-playing a game?

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The total war games taught me more about geography and history then any classes I ever had even college. Been playing them since the earliest gaming days all the way back to Medieval 1.

I think the game that taught me the most about Geography was the board game Ticket to Ride. It has a ton of different boards for places all around the world. However, the game Civilization did teach me a fair amount of history and got me interested enough to find out more details for myself.

No, but I know some video game locations so intimately now that sometimes I’m thinking about them and I wonder when/where I went there - then I remember it’s not a real place.

Yep, learnt a lot about geography from playing strategy games.

I'll echo the Nakano broadway from Digimon too. I used to go to university in Nakano so that one brings a bit of nostalgia as well when I play it.

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I can visualize every piece of the Nordschleife, Le Mans, Mount Panorama and many others. No problem finding anything on Oʻahu (Test Drive Ulimited) and learned plenty geography from strategy games, starting with Risk and 1830.

Currently I'm taking it to the next level, exploring the entire world through FS2020

I'm planning to explore every country on Earth, coming up on 1500 hours traveling soon, 184k nautical miles traveled, 3,665 places visited so far. Google maps, wikipedia and other resources to learn about the places I'm flying over/to. So far I've learned what a bunch of bastards the Dutch were (my birth country) from the 15th century until 1950 (when they finally let go of Indonesia) but that can still be extended as I haven't visited the Caribbean yet!