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Forums - Gaming Discussion - UK passing a bill to end scalping,new world scalpng no longer gonna exst in the future.

Careful OP, defenders of scalping will be here soon. Hope it is successful, I actually care for the average folk who are getting stitched.

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Scallpers are no different than you typical grocery store, except that in the case of the grocery store (and pretty much everything else opperating that way) you dont even have the chance to bypass them. I can understand some people want scallpers to vanish, but turning a blind eye on everyone else and putting the blame only on them is hypocritical. Either allow them to do their thing, or include everyone else aswell.

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Certainly I blame scalpers but I put more blame on people who pay over msrp. They created the market. If people would stop and force scalpers to eat thousands of $$$$.... issue would resolve itself.

I hardly resell anything tbh, and even if I was to, it'd be to a game or pawn shop if anything, so I do agree with this bill, because I'd rather scalping be made illegal in general, even if it means limitations on reselling. The well has been tainted enough as it is for years anyway.

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Good. Fuck scalpers. Just limit stock to 2 per person (from retailers) and add in extra security to stop bots. It shouldn't be too hard for Ebay to spot obvious scalpers, to people legitimately selling off stuff.

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Ebay could easily ban selling a product less than a year old over msrp.

Fk scalpers, they are bad for both the consumer and the industry. Sony and MS are already selling at a loss, as they make their money with software sales. A scalper buying a PS5 or XSX/S and having it sit on ebay is impacting their bottom line as well.

Meanwhile you have people with the money to buy a new console, but cannot get one due to bots buying up the stock seconds after it hits the market. Scalpers are scum, plain and simple. Anyone who can defend them has allowed themselves to be conditioned to accept it under the term "capitalism". How anyone who thinks buying up everything with automated bots at the expense of others who try to buy something legitly is beyond me.

Hell in all honesty, most of these scalpers are violating the ToS with the vender by bypassing the verification process anyway so fk em. Even if they try to use "capitalism" as an excuse, they are still in the wrong somewhere in the process that they are going about it.

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