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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Activision Blizzard financial call- CoD 2021, Overwatch 2/Diablo 4 won't release in 2021, more remasters in development

VersusEvil said:

I wouldn't say no to a Diablo 1+2 remaster with console support.

I wholeheartedly agree especially if it includes Lord of Destruction.

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Gonna be a pretty slow year for gaming from every company. Honestly, I think the 1st half of 2021 will be the most packed full of games, and the 2nd half will have a bunch of delays into 2022.

rumor said cod 2021 will be world war III

Anyone expecting Diablo IV this year doesn't know Blizzard. They most probably announced it way earlier than they wanted to because of the backlash of Blizzcon 2018 and the Diablo Immortal fiasco. I remember them saying it was in a very early state in 2019.

I did expect Overwatch 2 in 2021 though. I feel like they've been holding off content for a while now. The last character, Echo, was released in April 2020. I'm not sure when the last map for regular play was released (was it Paris?). At least the frequent balance patches keep things somewhat fresh but 11 more months without much new might erode the player base.

Edit: Also, I had no idea Activision/Blizzard owned Candy Crush now.

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Yea i don't expect D4 until like... 3-4 years from now tbh.
I feel like they will want D2 remake out before that like next year. Although, with D2 remake idk if i will be giving a chance to D4 since what they showed yet looked more like D3 than D2.