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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Activision Blizzard financial call- CoD 2021, Overwatch 2/Diablo 4 won't release in 2021, more remasters in development

  • “We have a substantial opportunity to continue migrating the community of [Call of Duty:] Black Ops Cold War as well as another strong premium [Call of Duty] release planned for Q4 in 2021.”
  • “We expect Blizzard’s net bookings to grow, given the momentum in World of Warcraft and the other initiatives we have in the business. Our outlook does not include Diablo IV or Overwatch 2 launching in 2021. And while Diablo Immortal is progressing well and we anticipate its launch later this year, we don’t have any material contribution from the title in our outlook presently.”
  • “Our pipeline has never been stronger, and as we look beyond 2021 and plan for 2022, we are looking forward to delivering some of the most eagerly anticipated content in the industry. In addition to our regular cadence of content across Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush, we expect Blizzard to release major new titles across console, PC, and mobile, contributing to another step change in financial performance for the company next year.”
  • “Across our three biggest franchises (Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush), we have great momentum. And we have a few other things up our sleeve in terms of remastered content that we’ll unveil in due course, which should provide further opportunity for us this year. And, as [Activision Blizzard president and chief operating officer] Daniel [Alegre] mentioned, and we sort of mentioned throughout our remarks, all of this incremental opportunity is digital, which should allow us to continue to grow our margin as we did when we set record margins last year. So we should be able to build upon that.”

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Bad idea to release another CoD in 2021. Black Ops Cold War has been performing very poorly due to the fact that it was rushed out with 2 years of development. On top of that, because the CoD studio rotation got screwed up by Sledgehammer being taken off of CoD 2020 during 2019 with Treyarch brought in to turn it into a Black Ops game, CoD 2021 can only get 2 years of development now regardless of rather it's a Sledgehammer or Infinity Ward developed CoD, and 2 years of development most of which was during Covid at that. So a CoD 2021 will be rushed just like Black Ops Cold War was, meaning it will probably underperform as well. They would have been better off delaying CoD till 2022 and just concentrating on supporting CoD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with new content in 2021.

The Overwatch 2 delay really hurts me. They announced it way too soon, was a BlizzCon 2019 announce and now it won't release until 2022. Diablo 4 delay sucks too.

More remasters is nice, but we don't know if they are Activision remasters or Blizzard remasters or both, or what franchises they are. There are rumors that Vicarious Visions is developing a Diablo 2 remaster.

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I wouldn't say no to a Diablo 1+2 remaster with console support.

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I couldnae give a crap about Diablo/Overwatch.

The real question is will we get a new Spyro this year? Last year was Crash, so this year Spyro perhaps?

VersusEvil said:

I wouldn't say no to a Diablo 1+2 remaster with console support.

I wholeheartedly agree especially if it includes Lord of Destruction.

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Gonna be a pretty slow year for gaming from every company. Honestly, I think the 1st half of 2021 will be the most packed full of games, and the 2nd half will have a bunch of delays into 2022.

rumor said cod 2021 will be world war III

VGChartz_gamrConnect said:

rumor said cod 2021 will be world war III

World at War II doesn't even exist ... why go up to III right away ?

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Mar1217 said:
VGChartz_gamrConnect said:

rumor said cod 2021 will be world war III

World at War II doesn't even exist ... why go up to III right away ?

Not World at War 3, but a world war 3 modern setting I assume he mean.

Wonder if Sledgehammer or Infinity Ward is making it? Either way it will only get 2 mostly covid years of development due to the shake-up in the CoD studio rotation. I suspect it will feel quite rushed.

Anyone expecting Diablo IV this year doesn't know Blizzard. They most probably announced it way earlier than they wanted to because of the backlash of Blizzcon 2018 and the Diablo Immortal fiasco. I remember them saying it was in a very early state in 2019.

I did expect Overwatch 2 in 2021 though. I feel like they've been holding off content for a while now. The last character, Echo, was released in April 2020. I'm not sure when the last map for regular play was released (was it Paris?). At least the frequent balance patches keep things somewhat fresh but 11 more months without much new might erode the player base.

Edit: Also, I had no idea Activision/Blizzard owned Candy Crush now.

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