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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Super Mario Sunshine - wtf?!

The game plays fine, it was just rushed a bit like literally every other Nintendo game in the GameCube and it shows sometimes.






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I'm with the OP here. The game controls like shit. And the level design is lazy to say the least. And I don't feel the soundtrack at all.

Yeah, Sunshine is easily one of those few Mario games that are actually... bad.

It's horrible. Just pretend it doesn't exist.

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I’m really glad I’m not alone in thinking this. I really wanted to love it and was fully prepared to love it; not only do I not love it, I dislike it! Just not fun, for me. I’m glad at least some people enjoy it, though :)

I got six sprites and decided not to play further. I just found I didn’t want to. So I’ve started Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition instead! Last played on the WiiU in 2016 - I put too many hours into that version so I dread to think how many I’ll put into this one!

Here’s to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - now that’s a Mario game that I absolutely adore!