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Forums - Gaming Discussion - ESRB rates No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for PC

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Which versions have you played?

Wii 7 58.33%
Nintendo Switch 1 8.33%
Mixture 0 0%
Havent played any of them 4 33.33%

This is great news. Never got around to playing them originally.

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After No More Heroes III is a timed switch exclusive i expect that on steam.

I played the first on the Wii. I never got around to the second.

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theRepublic said:

I played the first on the Wii. I never got around to the second.

It's better. They removed the crappy lifeless open world. Mission-based instead and the 8-bit mini-games were great. As silly as NMH2 is. It does take itself slightly more seriously. The one thing that sucks is the final boss. One of the most bullshit fights I ever encountered. Loved the game overall more than NMH1.

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