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Forums - General Discussion - I hate Resetera

Hi, i always read the threads on this forum but rarely comment on them. I wanted to say that i hate Resetera because its like you cant say your opinion, your are censored if you think different than what they think is right. They even ban you if you made a statement that goes against their beleifs.
This site feels more like a forum, where people, respectfuly, can share and defend their stance with arguments.

Yeah, i just wanted to say that.

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Pretty much why I never bothered


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Terrible website for sure. Hypocritical white knights. It's funny to read their often terrible takes tho.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

We do appreciate the input and that you feel like you can be yourself but we aren't here to drag other forums. It just doesn't really look good on us. We get the irony of it but we are choosing to lock this thread.