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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Anyone seen XBSX available for purchase online in the US?

The thread title says it all.  I'm wondering if anyone has seen consoles available for purchase without preorders.  I know they're doing online only, but I'm yet to hear of anyone actually getting on this way.  

I prefer to start this gen with a Series X, but I may end up starting with PS if I'm able to get one of those but not an XB.  So, I'm trying to get my head around the reality of XB availability.  

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If you don't have one pre-ordered, you will be waiting till 2021 for either console. I don't see how it could possibly be ethical to release online only for launch day, when people still have not gotten their pre orders. And as far as I know, only Sony said they will have online launch day sales. In any case, even if they do, scalpers will get to them fast and you will see an even more limited stock than pre orders disappear in seconds.

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My shop expects a shipment before black friday but even then they are all for pre orders (second shipment).

I have seen a lot of them, mainly through following accounts that tweet out whenever they go up. My favorite one is Wario64 on twitter

Black friday should be the next wave of pre-orders. Both PS5 and Xbox series.