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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Call of the Sea

Alright, my first thread dedicated to a Series X game! Call of the Sea's a sort of AA-ish, narrative-driven puzzle/traversal indie game slated for release on Series X, Xbox One, and PC next month. I'll be getting it on Series X 'cause I want the best version. It's set in the 1930s. You play as a woman named Norah who's searching for her husband who has gone missing on a mysterious island after embarking on an expedition to find a cure for her illness. Norah recognizes the island from her nightmares. Out of the Blue (the developer) founder Tatiana Delgado describes the game as inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, but only the "surreal" and "oneiric" part of his work, and asserts that Call of the Sea isn't a horror game about descent into madness, but rather about "a rise to sanity".

Here's the reveal trailer from May that first got me interested in the game:

And here's 18 minutes of game play footage for a better taste of how it actually works:

Let me just say that I really like this game's setting! There just aren't aren't that many games set in the 1930s, let alone such titles that are told from a woman's perspective. And I absolutely love Call of the Sea's very distinctive, lush art style! This game looks fucking gorgeous! Based on what I've seen of the game play so far, there's a bit more exposition going on here than seems natural even for say a loner like yours truly who is known to talk to herself a lot for human need of someone to talk to, but there's a lot of potential here in terms of where the story might go. It has me interested anyway! I mean I doubt this will be like my favorite game of the year or anything, but I definitely want it.

Just thought I'd highlight since this one may fall below most people's radar.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 08 November 2020