Forums - Gaming Discussion - Report: Microsoft now interested in acquiring Warner Bros Interactive according to 2 sources

I'd much rather have Microsoft purchase WB Games than EA, Activision, or Take-Two, so I am onboard.

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This is ..... not good.

Leynos said:
For fucks sake. Stop it. Stop monopolizing.

The irony is that they are on a buying spree to prevent Sony from monopolizing console gaming. 

(While Nintendo does their own thing that doesn’t seem to impact what Sony and Ms do) 



Leynos said:
shikamaru317 said:

MS hardly has a monopoly currently, I don't think there is a single country on the planet who try and block this acquisition on antitrust grounds. The studios they've acquired so far were either MS 2nd party already (Playground and Undead Labs), or independent studios that were struggling financially and were looking to be acquired (Obsidian, inXile, Double Fine, Ninja Theory). WB is no exception, AT&T wants to sell WB Interactive, MS wouldn't be seeking to acquire them aggressively or something. 

Besides, Sony is eyeing acquisitions right now as well, with rumors they are looking into acquiring Leyou, which would give them Digital Extremes (Warframe), Splash Damage (Brink, Gears Tactics), SNK (King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown), and possibly Certain Affinity (they'd have to choose to acquire the rest of Certain Affinity's shares, as Leyou only owns 20% of them currently). 

I said the same thing in the Sony thread and stand buy it. Tired of both buying everything. Make your own studios.

They made Worlds Edge, The Initiative are among the new ones made from scratch. Making a new team from scratch is a long as risky process. However buying a coherent team with a track record of quality is a two birds with one stone situation. They make what they make and just don’t make a certain platforms version going forward. Simple. 



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Reminder to everyone why you don't want EA, Activision, or Take-Two acquiring WB Interactive:


  • Has closed 28 studios over the last 19 years. Among those they have closed are several noteworthy studios, including Visceral (Dead Space), Bioware Montreal (Mass Effect Andromeda), Bullfrog (Populous, Theme series), Pandemic (Star Wars Battlefront, Destroy All Humans), Westwood (Command & Conquer), Origin System (Ultima Online), Mythic Entertainment (Dark Age of Camelot), EA Bright Light (Harry Potter series), and EA Black Box (Skate, some Need For Speed). 
  • Has several current studios who have experienced massive layoffs under EA leadership, including Maxis, Popcap, and Criterion. 
  • Has been one of the market leaders in heavy microtransaction usage.
  • Has nearly succeeded in destroying Bioware (their future seems grim, Anthem flopped, and there are rumors that EA cancelled Dragon Age 4's Joplin build because it was too singleplayer focused, in favor of a new build codenamed Morrison, which is designed for live-service just like Anthem)
  • Has largely wasted their 10 year exclusive Star Wars license, 7 years into the 10 year deal and they have only released 3 Star Wars games so far, with a 4th releasing this year, and only 1 more known to be in development before the license expires (Fallen Order 2). By comparison at least 4 Star Wars games are known to have been cancelled by EA over the last 5 years. Meanwhile they forced DICE to abandon Star Wars Battlefront 2 earlier this year, even though the development team wanted to keep supporting it since it's playerbase was growing. 


  • Has closed 11 studios over the last 11 years, including Red Octane (Guitar Hero), Z-Axis (Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX), Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing), Radical (Prototype), and Neversoft (Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk).
  • Turned Raven Software from an excellent standalone studio making games like Star Wars Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, Quake 4, and Wolfenstein (2009),  into a Call of Duty support studio 
  • Is one of the industry leaders in microtransactions
  • They have chased away the founders of 2 of their 3 CoD studios, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, which caused major issues within those studios

Take-Two/2K Games

  • Has closed 16 studios over the last 21 years, including 2K Marin (Bioshock 2), 2K Australia (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel), Irrational (System Shock, Bioshock 1 and Infinite), 2K Czech (Mafia), 2K Los Angeles (NHL 2K and MLB 2K), and Rockstar Vancouver (Bully and Max Payne 3).
  • Is an industry leader in microtransactions, with the NBA 2K series practically being a gambling simulator now.
  • Has changed Rockstar from a AAA juggernaut that released 9 AAA games in gen 6 and 5 AAA games in gen 7, into a AAAA turtle that has released just 1 game and a few ports in gen 8, all in the pursuit of greed (microtransaction heavy Online components taking precedence over singleplayer). 

I know that Microsoft isn't perfect either, they've closed studios too, and they've experimented with microtransactions. But, most of their closures were before Phil Spencer became head (he has only closed 2 studios this gen, 1 of which was leaking money like a sieve, and has acquired or created 9 more studios in compensation for the 2 he closed). While they were going quite heavy on microtransactions for part of the generation, they have largely eliminated them now, especially randomized gambling style microtransactions. Microsoft truly feels like the lesser of 4 evils out of the 4 publishers that are rumored to be interested. 

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Xxain said:
This is ..... not good.

Seems good to me.

Better than EA/T2 grabbing them. 


No issue with this. Especially if it means we get some amazing games out of it, Microsoft doesn't seem to be against the idea of releasing games on other platforms, so they are probably the best console platform holder to buy it in my eyes.

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Xxain said:
This is ..... not good.

There’s something oddly satisfying when a gamer is drawn to a platform not because they want to, but because they are dragged kicking and screaming due to one of their favourite IPs being moved to said platform. 

You will complain, you will make empty boycott promises, but I will see you on Xbox Live sooner or later. And one day, you will realize you actually enjoy it :)

(this post doesn’t necessarily apply to you) 



Chazore said:
Xxain said:
This is ..... not good.

Seems good to me.

Better than EA/T2 grabbing them. 

No. Big 3 should refrain buying major companies. This industry needs neutrality. We cannot get to a point where these neutral companies (Capcom, Sqaure Enix, SEGA, ext) are restricted to one console. It is not healthy for the industry  at all. If they have to be bought another neutral company should do it. SONY and MS need to stay the fuck out of it.