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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Trademarks Xbox Series X Logo

Its what i was expecting, its okay, nothing amazing. Its just a logo for the Series, not the actual Xbox Brand logo.

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Chicho said:

a pretty generic logo.

If I Trademark this one, do they have to pay me later?

I honestly suspect they might do such a thing.... they might really just remove one of the "leg" parts of the X, design.
Why did they make the "gap" so large?

Its so damn generic.

Whatever, a logo isnt why you buy a product anyways.

Wouldn’t this be something you’d see on the top of game cases? Not the biggest fan myself but I guess minimalism is the way to go for something so small.

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Chicho said:

This is the one they trademarked. I edited it to a Y

So it's Series %.  Yes, it's backwards from the % sign but that's what people are going to call it or use it to make fun of.

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