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Forums - Website Topics - New Tracking Features - Part 1

Been awhile since some new features were added to the site - and because we've had the ability to "track" games since the day the original GameDB was first built (and because that ability really didn't do very much at all), I figured it was as good place as any to start adding some new functionality!!

First thing I want to quickly point out before delving into the new functionality, is a general fix-up of the "New Thread" functionality as a whole. That page had some SERIOUS problems (like if you managed to forget to select a forum - proceeding would cause your entire post to get wiped out and force you to start over again!!) which had to be addressed. More changes will be coming to this page because I honestly hate the way adding polls/games is currently handled...   ...but anyway, that's a post for another day!!!

So - back to the topic of Game Tracking!!!

Whether you are aware of it or not, we currently have (and have always had) the ability to "track" a game. Up till now, it hasn't really done much of anything other than maintain a list of other people who are also "tracking" a particular game. If you were not aware of how to "track" a game, there are two places you can do this:

 - The first place you can do this is on the Game Page itself. At the bottom of the left column is the Community Stats box, and from there you can easily click the "Add" link next to the Tracking counter:

 - The other place you can "track" games, is from within your profile page. Click the "Games" tab, search for the game you wish to track, and then click the "Tracked" button:

Once you have begun tracking a game, you will receive notifications for any News Articles or Reviews that are written on VGChartz that reference that game. In addition, any threads that are started with that game tagged in it, will also send you a notification. 

Which brings me to the second point of this topic... to tag games in threads!

You probably already know about the ability to add games when creating a New Thread (this functionality has also been cleaned up). What you maybe didn't know, was that you can also create a new thread right from a particular game page and have that game automatically tagged into your thread. Just go to the game page you're interested in, click the "Forum" tab, and then click "Create New Thread" - easy peasy!!!!!

That's all there is to it!! Additional functionality for the "Tracking" will be coming soon...

As always - comments/questions/complaints, post 'em here!!

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you mean we have a game database, that we can actively use aside from looking at sales

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That's really neat. Thanks Talon!