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Forums - PC Discussion - Amazon France lists multiple Sony games for PC | Edit: Likely a false alarm

Well, there is a friend of mine that keeps saying that I must play Uncharted, because I would love it.

This may be my chance, if true.

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With the Last of Us 2 here, I'm having trouble believing it. And it wouldn't be the first time that an amazon "leak" has led to nothing.
But as a mainly PC gamer, I certainly wouldn't mind if Sony started putting games on PC.

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Hey, maximize your audience and your profits. It's cool to have these list wars where we can say "My console is the only place to play _____" but if you want to make the most money, you need to reach the most customers.

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Looks like this is a false alarm. Sega responded about the Persona 5 listing and said it was an error. Then Super Mario Odyssey got listed for PC as well, which is almost certainly not happening.

Fun while it lasted! Some of the reactions around social media was oof


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Can we get like a 24 hour hold on dumb rumors?
How about a 2 hour one?

Apparently Mario Odyssey and PlayStation 5 are coming to the PC.

If you spent any amount of time waiting on this rumor - little alone waiting for more sources these threads would never be made.
You are WAY WAY too eager for every rumor.

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This has been confirmed to be trolls doing this. If and when some of these things prove true (and have no doubt that some of them will prove to be), we can create another topic for it.