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Forums - Website Topics - Have you followed VGChartz on social media? Twitter & Facebook?


Do you follow VGChartz on social media?

Yes, I already was 2 18.18%
Yes, I just followed and liked them now 2 18.18%
No (You should :-P) 7 63.64%

Did you know we use social media on a daily basis? Be sure to follow and like them if you haven't done so already.



We (mainly @TalonMan) have been doing a lot of work to improve our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and one way is to increase our presence on social media sites. The better our SEO is the higher up we appear on Google / Bing / etc searches, which in-turn increases the numbers of views and people posting on the forums. While it would be amazing to have the site be as big as say GameSpot or IGN, it would be great to just be more sustainable financially.

Thank you everyone who follows, likes, tweets, retweets, shares, etc stuff on VGChartz.

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I've sent you a message on twitter and a got a reply really fast.

Don't really see the point in following though. Feels like you will just tweet out the articles I will see on the front page anyways.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

No, I haven't. Then again, I don't have Twitter nor Facebook, so...

Please excuse my bad English.

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