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Forums - General Discussion - Help with Kindle Fire HDMI connection?

I'm not a member in any tech forums, so I'll try my luck here.

I'm teaching classes, and in order to show pictures, I sometimes connect my Kindle Fire HD (from 2012) via HDMI to a TV. This always worked perfectly. No problems at all.

Today I went to a new place where they had a projector instead of a TV. The picture showed without problems, but when connected the touch screen wouldn't respond properly. (Sometimes touches wouldn't register at all, sometimes they register wrong...)

So every time I want to swipe a picture I have to disconnect, then swipe, then reconnect again.

The touch screen works as it should when the HDMI cable is not connected.

Does anybody have any idea or theory why the touch screen wouldn't work when the HDMI cable is connected? As I said it works with a TV, but with a projector there's this problem and I just can't figure why...

Any help/thoughts very appreciated!

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