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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Maker 2 - New Update Coming Dec 5th

New update coming on December 5th for Mario Maker 2, lots of decent looking updates including Link as an 8 bit playable character :)

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that looks awesome

I'm glad they were able to get Link to be more than just a costume Mario can get from a mushroom. There are a lot of gameplay opportunities for Link in this game.

Nice. Need more fuzzies though.






That came out of nowhere.
But could be a very good update and carry the game better through holiday season.

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Damn, that Link reminded me immediately of Super Mario Crossover. Who's next?

if somebody wants to play it, it's free (Adobe Flash needed):

Wow! That's a really nice update! Link alone is going to open up so many possibilities!

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Tempted to finally get the game after the Link announcement. Real 2D dungeons incoming...

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Can't wait!