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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Has anyone tried Xcloud?

CuCabeludo said:
Polyludic said:
Does it stream directly from someone's XBOX ONE or the Cloud?

XCloud =/= remote play. XCloud stream the game from their servers, not from your Xbox(remote play feature).

It's both actually. They will use the same technology and actually talk about both under the umbrella of XCloud

But of course, the main "feature", is remote play from their datacenters I guess :)

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Funny, just reply to this thread and IGN just posted that at the same time:

Imaginedvl said:
DonFerrari said:
I'm also curious, what we have seem on the forum from official updates or some testers is that it is doing well and lag is very competent. Not sure how trustworthy it is, but they are claiming to work better than PSNow.

Well... I would actually be really surprised they could see a real difference. I mean, I want this to work well obviously as I am using the Microsoft ecosystem primary for gaming and it would be a nice addition but at the end, I firmly believe your internet connection is going to make it work well or not, no matter what tech is behind (PSNow, XCloud or even Stadia).

By all mean, if there is really a difference, won't complain about it but again, I would be surprised.

I pre-ordered Stadia founder edition, hopefully I will receive it soon as I preorderered right away when it was available and I can re-activate my PSNow to try to see a difference, can be fun :)

Sure, but considering MS have a bigger presence with cloud than Sony, more data centers well spread, then it's very likely that they have a better lag and performance.

Also we will only know for real when the service release and we can compare.

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