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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google Play Pass game subscription service goes live for $4.99 per month

Not interested in this as I aint on Stadia.

And the "slippery slope" argument will each day lose credibility.

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Google Play Pass includes some good mobile games and ported classics, but most of these games are quite old and have been on sale many times:

So if you are into mobile gaming, you probably already have a lot of these games (which is of course a similar issue for most other game subscriptions on PC and consoles).

On the other hand, Apple Arcade has a lot of brand new games. I'm currently playing these new games on my iPad Pro:

- Oceanhorn 2 (would probably cost around $9 / €9 like its predecessor, which I liked very much)

- Jenny LeClue (costs almost $20 on Steam, almost backed the Kickstarter for $15 a few years ago)

- Tangled Tower (probably around $10 on Steam, GOG and Switch, when it is getting released there at October 10th)

- Shantae and the Seven Sirens: Part 1 (awesome preview to the new unreleased Shantae game)

- Sonic Racing (looks great, plays okay, I can't rate balancing so far)

- Grindstone (I love the humor and animations of this casual puzzle/strategy game)

Will be checking to see if it works with my Chromebook.

My Switch, Xbox (with Gamepass) and PC eat up enough of my time. Any other gaming console/service needs to up their game to compete for my free time.