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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First look at Z Chaser - New competitive mode made for the MegaMan Zero/ZX Collection!

  • Single Chaser – The rules are simple: Race against the clock and clear each stage! Includes five difficulties levels (B, A, S, Z, ZZ). Zoom through each stage to beat your best time! Every millisecond counts! There are 12 stages in total! Do you have what it takes to defeat your rivals?
  • Double Chaser – Go head-to-head with friends in local play on one console!
  • World Record Chaser – Download top-ranked replay data from players across the globe and challenge their best times! Improve your top time as you chase your rivals. It’s up to you to choose how to play!

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Each you heart out Mighty Number 9

I would like for them to take this concept to next level and allow us to effect each others game in some way.