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Forums - General Discussion - Laughing and crying hysterically watching City Slickers! Anyone else did this?

Maybe it is because of too many Golden Margaritas, but I have never been so mesmerized by....fucking thats Goodle for spell checking mesmerized!...@ movie.

Spoiler alert.

In the end when they all say they will be ok in life, despite being old or broke or worthless resonated with me. Been crying for five minutes.

My cat is sound asleep next to me not caring so thought I would post.

Anyone else be mesmerized by a movie?

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City Slickers is a great flick. And while the 2nd one was panned, I think it's pretty damn good, too.

As for mesmerized by a movie, not really sure. Probably The Matrix on first viewing. Though, it didn't move me to tears.

Sometimes you just see the right movie at the right time and it touches your heart. Great film. Haven't seen it since I was a high school kid but it had a lot of heart. Thank you for putting it back on my radar.

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