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How much do you think Astral Chain will sell?

Less than 5ook 2 3.77%
More than 500k and less than 1 million 5 9.43%
more than 1 million but less than 1.5 million 18 33.96%
more than 1.5 million but less than 2 million 11 20.75%
more than 2 million but less than 2.5 million 8 15.09%
more than 2.5 million but less than 3 million 3 5.66%
more than 3 million but less than 3.5 million 4 7.55%
more than 3.5 million but less than 4 million 1 1.89%
more than 4 million but less than 4.5 million 0 0.00%
ITS OVER 9000!!! (More than 4.5 million) 1 1.89%

Yeah, I'm not feeling this one. It's already not the kind of idea that would have mass appeal, and then it really feels like Nintendo couldn't bother giving it the push it needed.

That, and Nintendo fans' general animosity towards new IPs. Everyone watching that Direct was going like "XENOBLADE!?!?" when the Astral Chain trailer was on, and at the end were just like "Astral Chain wtf is this". Then cue in a trailer for a rather unambitious remake of a throwaway title and everyone loses their minds because it's Zelda. Oh well.

600k first month, 1.4 million lifetime.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

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First Month: 500k
Lifetime: about 2m (more or less as Xenoblade 2)

It comes on a month that's not on top for the videogames. But in the following months it could go quite good and touch 2m of copies sold.

Gosh, I hope you optimists are right on this one. It just looks so good, it would be a shame for it to flop, but I feel like it's going to. If it does, it's looking to be one hell of a hidden gem. But hopefully it gets the good sales it deserves.