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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FFXIV: Winning Awards and Setting New Bars

JRPGfan said:

I dont play it anymore.... but imo, its the ONLY worthwhile mmo out there.

Maybe Im biased though, I love everything Final Fantasy... and considered FF11 to the best MMO before 14 too.
I like that its PVE focused, and that it sticks with the Tri-fecta of Tank-Healing-DPS, and teaches you to fit into roles.

I would see that, I mean, you are more a fan of Japanese offerings over Western ones, and there's nothing wrong with that (until it comes time to judging both a Western IP and a Japanese one, then you're not going to show a fair balance of judgement). 

To me, I see a balance between 3 MMO's at the moment, them being FFXIV, WoW and ESO, almost like a "big 3" of MMO's out there, that have high amount of users, and enough content/stories under their belts.

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There is a huge part of me that makes me want to play this game, but the problem is that it is an MMO and i really don't have anyone who would want to play with me