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Forums - General Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of August


Most Anticipated New Release of August

Age of Wonders: Planetfall 25 2.19%
Astral Chain 566 49.48%
Blair Witch 48 4.20%
Control 176 15.38%
Crystar 5 0.44%
Madden NFL 20 17 1.49%
Oninaki 33 2.88%
Rad 3 0.26%
The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan 66 5.77%
Nothing This Month 205 17.92%

Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Have all the other parts of the series already, so of course I'm interested into that one, too. Will probably buy it in 2021, though (always buying games when they're cheap, patched and complete, never at release)

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Control i dont like football (american football)

Astral Chain looks sooooooo good!

I'll be getting Astral Chain at launch. I'll be buying Control as well, but probably not right away.

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Astral Chain followed by Oninaki. If there's no physical edition of Oninaki I won't get it though. Not paying $50 to download a AA game to my limited Switch storage space.

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Astral Chain ! Baby, let that Platinum Games serrum flow into my veins :OOOOO

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Nothing good, which is great, so i can do some stuff before the blockbusters in September hit.

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Astral Chain by far, it looks incredible.

I'm interested in Remnant: From The Ashes but I honestly can't work out what type of game it is? It's 3rd person action shooter thing but like with monsters ala Bloodborne? But it doesn't seem to have a disc release and is £32.99 on PSN and I'm not sure I want to splash that on an questionable game. Hmm...

Hmm, pie.

Age of Wonders. Though I'm not buying it at full price.