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Most Anticipated New Release of July

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle 21 2.35%
Blazing Chrome 12 1.34%
Dragon Quest Builders 2 59 6.61%
Fire Emblem: Three Houses 327 36.62%
Kill la Kill: If 23 2.58%
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order 102 11.42%
Oxygen Not Included 9 1.01%
Sea of Solitude 15 1.68%
Wolfenstein: Youngblood 110 12.32%
Nothing This Month 215 24.08%

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the best first party game that releases this month.

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FE 3H is my 2nd most hyped game after Splatoon 2! I love everything I have seen. And it looks like I will be spending over 500 hours on it!
Then I will be ready for Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Nothing for me.

Nothing this month, but I bought like 3 new games in June, so I'm fine with that.

ARamdomGamer said:
Kill la Kill, been waiting 5 years for a KlK game.

I didn't realize it was coming to Switch! I'll be getting this and Fire Emblem.

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This is a tough call. There are several good games here, but nothing exceptionally great. I voted MUA3. Fire Emblem and DQ Builders 2 are also really solid choices. That is what I am planning on getting someday, but right now I am still on Cadence of Hyrule and will probably get Mario Maker 2 after that.